Associate Professor, UC San Diego


All my papers can be found on the arXiv or on inSPIRE.

I have worked on a few different subjects over the years.  Here are some highlights from each area:

Cosmic Microwave Background

Dark Matter Interactions, Helium, and the CMB with de Putter et al.

CMB-S4 Science Book, First Edition with Abazajian et al.

CMB Delensing Beyond the B-modes with Joel Meyers and Alex van Engelen
arXiv: 1609.08143

A New Target for Cosmic Axion Searches with Daniel Baumann and Benjamin Wallisch
arXiv: 1604.08614

Phases of New Physics in the CMB with Daniel Baumann, Joel Meyers and Benjamin Wallisch
arXiv: 1508.06342


Soft de Sitter Effective Theory with Tim Cohen

Signals of a Quantum Universe with Rafael Porto

Signs of Analyticity in Single-Field Inflation with Daniel Baumann, Hayden Lee and Rafael Porto

Disorder in the Early Universe

Signatures of Supersymmetry from the Early Universe with Daniel Baumann

Equilateral Non-Gaussianity and New Physics on the Horizon with Daniel Baumann
arXiv: 1102.5343

Inflating with Baryons with Daniel Baumann
arXiv: 1009.3032

Large Scale Structure

Primordial Features from Linear to Nonlinear Scales with Beutler et al.

First constraint on the neutrino-induced phase shift in the spectrum of baryon acoustic oscillations with Baumann et al.

The Effective Field Theory of Large Scale Structures at Two Loops with J.J. Carrasco, Simon Foreman, and Leonardo Senatore
arXiv: 1310.0464

Stochastic Bias from Non-Gaussian Initial Conditions with Daniel Baumann, Simone Ferraro, and Kendrick M. Smith
arXiv: 1209.2173

Particle Physics

The Cosmology of Sub-MeV Dark Matter with Surjeet Rajendran

Testing Split Supersymmetry with Inflation with Nathaniel Craig
arXiv: 1403.7193

(De)Constructing a Natural and Flavorful Supersymmetric Standard Model with Nathaniel Craig and Andrey Katz
arXiv: 1103.3708

Quantum Field Theory

Dynamical Constraints on RG Flows and Cosmology with Daniel Baumann and Tom Hartman
arXiv: 1906.10226

Exactly Marginal Deformations and Global Symmetries with Zohar Komargodski, Nathan Seiberg, Yuji Tachikawa, Brian Wecht
arXiv: 1005.3546